M&J provides different adhesives, glues & epoxy of telecommunications & electronics, multimedia & health care industry etc.

It includes specific structural adhesives, coatings, potting, encapsulating and thermal management materials etc.

M&J offer innovative, environmental safety and cost effective engineering community products and capabilities directly to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and through a network of industrial distribution.

Our offerings include:

1.Relay Sealant
2.Touch Panel
3.Thermal Mangagement Material
4.Transformer Adhesion & Potting Applications
5.Motor/ Stepper Motor Assembly
6.Micro-electronic Material
7.Membrane switch / FPC / RFID
8.Circuitry and Contacts Printing
9.LED Application
10.Printed Circuit Board Assembly
11.Buzzer/MEMS Assembly
12.UV Keys
13.UV Adhesive
14.Medical Equipments
15.Medical Electrode

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